Wednesday, February 20, 2008

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Ben and Mom go to Badger land

Holly cow was it cold! not only was it freezing but there was a ton of snow.
Greg had to head out the first day we were there for a gaming convention in San Fran, but we had a mini adventure that morning between the freezing rain that was falling on the 3 plus feet of snow in the front yard... which was causing a huge puddle to form outside the back door which was a real threat to a possible basement flood. After lots of "talk" we headed to the airport and with 15 minutes to wheels up Greg managed to work his Tracy charm and get on the plane and out of dodge before the rain turned to snow. What a mess the roads were with standing water 2-3 feet in some places.

Ben and the cousins got in some great snow fun and even put on a concert all about how much they love Charlie "AKA Obi". Ben and Harry the dog got along great after Ben figured out that Harry was more fun when you played fetch or ran in the snow with him instead of sitting aroudn the house. Poor Emma started throwing up on day 2 but more snow fun and a trip to Target for Lego's kept Ben happy. He's decided that although he had lots of fun in the snow he'd rather go back to Madison in the Summer next time ~ Cabin Fever was high! It is no wonder people are out shoveling snow every few hours, they need an excuse to step outside...