Sunday, October 7, 2012

My wife of almost 14 years...

I regret to say that my wife (Marla, Pak Adventures author) of almost 14 years has passed away. After a sudden collapse over summer vacation and then an 11 month fight with a primary tumor called Glioblastoma Multiforme, she has succumbed to its inevitable demise in July of this year. She stopped blogging back in 2009 because her job took a new direction with a new position as Western Sales Manager for BIC Graphic. The position was something she had been working towards for quite sometime and even though she was very good at it and loved the action, it came with a very large downside of more travel as well as being more consuming. The evolving difficult business climate had also added to her workload. She became too busy to keep up with blogging.
Blogging for her had always been a source of enjoyment as well as therapeutic. I suppose as a very driven working mother and wife there are things that just need to be expressed. This is what I loved most about her blog of the past. It is a snapshot of who she was and what she thought about. I am in a process of archiving this blog so my young children can reflect back on her in the future to help them remember the vibrant mother, wife, and woman she was.
Small advice to the blogging community: Keep blogging and take small videos of yourself now and again. It doesn't need to be of any profound subject matter, just you. If its not for your loved ones its for you to reflect on yourself.
I will always love my Superwife more that I could ever express to her... this I will carry with me. I now like to look though her blog and 'celebrate' all that she was and still is to me.