Friday, January 2, 2009

cheerful scoop... CIA befriending Afghan Warlords with Viagra

i'm a fan of cheerful scoop... i need good things in my day... and this one made me laugh...

Viagra is helping combat terrorism. The CIA is offering the drug to Afghan warlords to entice them to share information that helps combat terrorism. Through the exchange the CIA is also building relationships with these fickle leaders and winning their support.

The CIA has been selective when handing out the drug and only provides it to older leaders. Agents make sure to explain the drug and possible side effects. Afghan leaders are so pleased with Viagra they exchange information for more pills. Aside from Viagra, the CIA also offers dental care, visas, toys, and medicine to build relationships with these difficult clan leaders. If bribery will make the world a safer place than so be it.

Originally published by the BBC.

2 thoughts:

kel said...

I saw that the other day! Weird..

Veggie Mom said... about News of the Weird, huh? Hope the offer of another Pop'rs Video or some snaps still stands...we'd love to use anything you've got! And BTW (although you probably already know this): I've got a Giveaway goin' on at my place...please drop by and put some POP! in your New Year!