Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Rock Chalk Jayhawk

I have 2 great friends who are serious and I mean serious KU basketball fans. This is the email I got from one of them today along with the above photo of her and her candle. Please note the red eyes after tears of joy flowed like a river - love it!

Just wanted to share my excitement with everybody about KU winning the championship last night over Memphis! Wowsa....what a game! I nearly didn't make it through the last 3 minutes, but somehow they pulled it out and beat a really good Memphis team. But, the best thing by far is that I was FINALLY able to light my Jayhawk candle after 20 years of waiting. For those of you that know me pretty well... you know that I live & die by Jayhawk basketball. IF you are wondering why I am sending you a picture of a burning candle...here is the short version of the story. Almost 20 years ago I bought this candle in Lawrence, KS. My friends all wondered why I would never burned this candle...I told them that I was going to wait until we won another National Championship. I have moved that candle from Lawrence, KS to Kansas City and then out to Seattle with me. It has been a long 20 years, but I finally got to burn my candle last night and it was glorious! ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!!


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