Friday, July 18, 2008

mini golf

there are so many traditions on summer vacation... and mini golf is no exception... we saved it for the VERY end this year to avoid B and the constant nagging of... can we go again! once is enough for me... it is fun... but it is also HOT... muggy and their are always bugs... this year the bug of choice was beettle... good times...

We even got Nonni to come along... we always got to the same place... fantasy land in Seekonk, MA.

Nancy and I are VERY competitive... this is no exception... I started out with a hole in one but by teh back 9 I was feeling the heat and started to crack under the pressure... I beat her by 1 - naturally super husband beat us both... me only by 2 this year which is a far cry from the double digits he usually has on me.

C loved it too... and just like B he has asked to go every hour since we went :)

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Ashley said...

Mini golf is so much fun! It must be so cute to watch the little boys do it!