Friday, May 23, 2008

freakout on Friday


I've decided that the rest of the world is trying to drive me crazy. It used to be just the nagging of Lars not to heat things up in plastic, then the Today show has a story about it and freaks out all my customer who start calling about BIC water bottles containing BPA. That gets me Googling and we know what that leads to... self doubt. After too much reading on the subject and deciding that the kids are most likely going to feel the effects of this I buckle down and decide I'll make better choices for them.

Charlie still has a bottle at night before he goes to bed... I know you are thinking you are supposed to give that up on your first birthday, but it's what he does, his teeth are fine and he's not walking around with a bottle hanging out of his mouth all day. And yes, he can drink out of a cup just fine :) I will not take it away, and I must admit it is a nice little cuddle at the end of they day. We use Dr. Brown bottles with Charlie. They may have a million pieces, but I will say that they were much easier on his tummy than the Advent ones we used with Ben.

Naturally these have BPA... why wouldn't it... thru the world and wonder of Google I find this new blog Z recommends that turns out to be a great resources for finding more on the subject with respect to kids items. That is how I learn my bottles are going to do harm (should I believe the conflicting stories) but that there are glass alternatives for Dr. Brown.

I break down and decide I will head out to babies r us to get the glass bottles. I really only need a few and it will give me piece of mind right? Guess what all the glass bottles are broken in their packaging (that is why we went to plastic in the first place) but then I notice a BPA version of the bottle on the shelf below and am satisfied.

Now what do I do with all the "dangerous" bottles I have. My concious won't let me donate them, since I've convinced my self they are bad, can I recycle them? I don't think so. So now what do I do? fill the landfill with them? Is that any better?

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Kelly said...

Hmm..maybe you could poke holes at the bottom and throw a few seeds in there..
When Jack was a wee one..he was on the boob constantly..when I did pump and have papa feed him I used glass bottles.
funny thing I found them at a Pic and Save store...not sure if you know what that is..but its a cheapy discount store now its called Big Lots..and they were a $1 a bottle...can't beat that. :)