Wednesday, May 28, 2008

sleep study

Ever since I was in college the people sleeping in the same room with me have complained about the noises I make, and how I stop breathing when I'm asleep. 20 years ago we just laughed about it... My hubby doesn't even notice anymore... he's usually got earplugs in or as previously reported sleeping somewhere else. I do however still have to share a room with coworkers about 2 or 3 times a year when at sales meetings or trade shows and the snoring and noise making has gotten so bad that my roommates have been forced to evacuate.

totally embarrassing! because you know how sales people are... where there is a story people will talk.

so I'm thinking I'll go to the "sleep Dr" spend the night get a magic device to keep me quite and it will be done in a week. Not so. Took 6 weeks to get an appointment, took another month to get my sleep over appointment and then I have to wait until the 19th to find out what I did in my sleep. The doc thinks I have sleep apnea, but I'm convinced that last night I did nothing and they will just tell me to loose some weight and all will be better.

For now I just have to wait and see...

excuse the scary picture... I had to sneak in to the bathroom to capture the moment on my cell phone. Too bad you can't see the 10 wires that are stuck in my head with this strange substance like peanut butter and gauze or the EKG monitors on my heart, and the sensors on my legs. It got better when I actually got in bed and they attached 2 other senors to my nostrils to see how much air was coming out and what the temperature of the air was. I only made it a few hours in to the night before I ripped those off and she came back in to tape them to my face... remember they were also watching me via video monitor.

2 thoughts:

Bottles Barbies & Boys said...

How in the world did you sleep in all that contraption?

Barrie said...

I'm very curious to hear what the experts come up with for you. My husband is a noisy sleeper.