Friday, May 2, 2008

Pizza Night

There is something so great about finding true friends. And friends with kids is a bonus, because as many of you moms and dads know the kids your friends like don't always come with parents that you like. So what does this have to do with Pizza? For close to a year we've been having an almost regular pizza night with our neighbors The Mack's on Fridays. What started out as a a "hey want to come over and have pizza" has become a great friendship and perfect way to end the hectic week. In fact things just seem off for the weekend when we don't. Not only does Charlie now have 2 great friends in Hannah and Caitlin but Lars and I have found great friends in Kevin & Sarah. And with summer just around the corner I'm more excited than ever!

hope you too can make time for Pizza night!

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Sarah Mack said...

Marla's words ring so true! We have formed an amazing friendship that we value greatly. It is also true for us that a Friday night without the Paks just doesn't feel right. Getting to know you and your family (including Nona and Nono) has been a blessing. Here's looking toward the summer! - The Macks