Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Reverend Lars Pak

I think that Lars put it best to my mom when he referred to himself as a "Swiss army knife"

hard to believe that when I met him he was a VW bus driving snowboard guy who was inventing bindings that I like to believe changed the face of snowboarding (naturally I'm bias, but I couldn't do it until the Link came in to my life) Then came the custom Kayak building, and information technology business followed by window installer, tax preparer and of course the RoboWaver. Now he's added his latest title... Reverend Lars Pak.

We headed to New Hampshire as the reverend and his wife so that Lars could marry John and Leann. It was a beautiful ceremony and something tells me not the last time Lars will use his credentials from the Rose Ministries of Las Vegas, NV.

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Kristen said...

How fun!!

He sure is the man with many different hats! Can't wait to read what he adds next.