Sunday, March 23, 2008

Egg hunting twice

The rain is falling and Ben's temperature is climbing. He wasn't so happy when Charlie and I headed off to the Ross house for our annual Easter egg hunt. He begged and begged but came to his senses after we left when he realized that an Easter egg hunt in the rain wouldn't be much fun. Indeed this was the first year we had to head inside for the hunt. Charlie followed Nancy around picking up the eggs as she hid them but eventually discovered they had treats in them and settled down with one he liked. I was impressed with his hunting skills, almost like the ones on the floor were to obvious so he walked past them and looked in the plants and behind cushions instead. It was over in a flash even with 30 eggs per kid. Sarah knocked out her 30 so fast she became Ben's surrogate egg hunter since he couldn't make it.

Next up a nap at home before heading down to the Mack's. Ben thought he was better until he took a shower and then quickly decided he was better off laying down and watching more TV. Charlie was a pro by round two and quickly got to work with Hanna and Caitlin to find all the best eggs. He even unknowingly scored two Starbucks gift cards for his parents.

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