Saturday, March 29, 2008

The neighborhood green belt (AKA native growth protection area) is in need of some TLC and today was trash pick up day. Our neighbors and the county's surface water management group is working to restore the natural drainage to help alleviate water quality problems. Ben, Charlie and I headed down to help out and brought Nate along since he had spent the night. After a day of snow and freezing rain it was a bit chilly, and VERY muddy, but it felt good to help out. We even got a native plant lesson before we started.

It is amazing what people will dump in a green belt. Examples of what was found today... a perfectly good suitcase, 2 bikes, car transmission, chairs, several tires, and plenty of beer bottles and soda cans. My favorite find was the 6 foot tall horse manure pile that was killing a tree because there was so much of it. Yes, there is a house on the other side of the green belt that has 2 horses. And if you've been to our house before you know that just isn't right. I always wondered about the neighing horses,and never imagined that someone actually has horses (full grown) in their back yard full time. And how nice of them to be dumping their horse manure in the green belt!

I wish we could have stayed longer, but there is only so much trash little people can pick up when so much of it was bigger than them.

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