Tuesday, March 25, 2008

XM radio - Oprah and Friends

Many of you know how I feel about Oprah... if you don't here it is - ever since she humiliated James Fry on national television for stretching the truth in his book a million little pieces I find myself unable to bear her... plain and simple she bugs!!

However, I have XM radio in my new car and I love Oprah & Friends - Shmuley is my favorite, and example from today of why -

Today's Shmuleyism
"Every woman in America is affected by a feeling of inadequacy that they are never young enough, thin enough or pretty enough. Women must counter that irrational and destructive impulse to ordinariness by identifying the unique gift that only they have and which the world needs in order to be perfected. Find your gift."

and today when I was driving home after a day of bag, pen and cup schlepping I was listening to the after show of "the new earth" worlds largest class blah blah blah... and this woman said something I thought was great about gossiping...

Not all gossiping is bad, sometimes we are just celebrating and enjoying the fabulous varieties of life!!!

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Hilary said...

I knew I liked you for a reason other than the obvious...what she did to James Frey was ridiculous. I still love the book and think he did a great job entertaining readers, truth or no truth!