Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pinewood Derby Boy Scout Style

Pinewood Derby Scout style. Ben and Lars worked late in to the night (or maybe just Lars) to put the finishing touches on "shakin' bacon" Charlie and I decided this was an event not to be missed so we made it a family affair. Holy crap... I had no idea what a huge event this would be. Naturally the dads were more in to the races than the kids after a while, and for me the highlight was watching the dads talk strategy... where they put their weight, what kind of paint they used, lubricant, design etc. LOVED IT!!! In his tiger cub group Ben came in 3rd and he had more fun than I could have imagined would come from a race. Lars says the group size was twice what it normally is so you know it must be the Boy Scout event of the year!!!

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