Friday, June 6, 2008

Friday's list of frustrations

In no particular order

  1. being treated like a deadbeat. (after having my identity stolen and money taken out in my name to the tune of $24,000, I am sick and tired of defending myself. It seems like I'm always fighting to be heard and believed)
  2. telling my 7 year old it is times for bed more than twice (like somehow this is something I haven't asked him to do every night for as long as he can remember)
  3. dealing with the some of the other moms at school (can you say Jr high? I leave most of those activities to super hubby)
  4. people who are late (super hubby is rarely on time, and you'd think after 14 years I'd be used to it, but I'm not)
  5. people who lie (obviously, does anyone like a liar?)
  6. getting home from Target to realize I forgot the one item on the list (happens nearly every time I come home from Target ~ I went for Tampons and came home with new pillows, sheets, and various other clearance items but no Tampons... something I obviously needed if I was running out to get those)
  7. not getting answers/solutions at the Doctor (it's like a never ending circle of specialists, and no one has an answer)
  8. not having a clean black t-shirt (a day without my uniform is always a sad day)
  9. watching my 7 year old walk around the house aimlessly saying he can't find his coat, shoes, homework, hat... (you know he's not even looking, and somehow I'm certain he got this trait from me which is why I think it bugs me so much)
  10. stupid people at the airport (why do so many people think they can do it their way, and that the airline or TSA will change the rules just for them)
  11. wasting my time doing someone elses job (home, work whatever...)
  12. loosing my keys every single day (need I say more)
  13. back pain (When you can't stand up, life sucks!)
  14. getting bit by my 2 year old (I always feel like I should have seen it coming)
  15. why is there always laundry to do? - need I say more?

1 thoughts:

The Mom said...

I'm so sorry about your stolen identity...I can't imagine how tough that is to recover!

I truly hope your weekend improves, (((HUG)))