Tuesday, June 17, 2008

KISS - Rock n Roll all night! @ the grocery store

i haven't mentioned it yet but I have the worst pain in my back... more like my whole lower right side. Dr. is working on an answer and remedy to find relief that doesn't involve the 4 daily muscle relaxers but for now that is the deal.

what does this have to do with Kiss and groceries you ask? Super Hubby won't let me drive the car on these pills.. for good reason so we all went to the grocery store together.

There is a reason I like to do this without the kids and trips like this remind me why. We went for Mac & Cheese because that was all C would have ~ we weren't in the mood to argue.

we left with -
Mac & Cheese
5 lbs of cherries
hot dogs
real nutritional

still what does this have to do with KISS as we are walking around the store I realize the music is KISS - "I want to rock and roll" Not the Muzakversion but the real thing... you know the world is changing when this is playing at the Safeway.

When I think of KISS I think 1976, my brother obsessed with Gene Simmons playing his LP and "driving me and my parents crazy"

then that night on A&E we stuble upon family jewels his TV show...no doubt about it... Gene Simmons is STRANGE!

10 thoughts:

Steph said...

Hi thanks for stopping by my blog today. Funny about the store music I have thought the same thing, no more musak what happen did they go out of business?

Sorry to hear about your back, back pain is no fun good luck!

Beth said...

That's my worst nightmare, going to the store with the entire family.

Can you consider grocery shopping, on my dime, me time? I DO!

Rock on, KISS!

Justin said...

I see videos like this one you have posted and I still smile. NO ONE DOES IT BETTER THAN THESE GUYS!!!

PS: It was 1977 ;-)

Sue said...

OOOhh I used to Love Paul Stanley. My husband just pronounced at the dinner table a few nights ago that Gene Simmons had a cow tongue grafted onto his own. I said honey, I think that's an urban legend.

Mamasphere said...

Wow- KISS at the grocery store?

My 3 year old wouldn't bat an eyelash- she's hears that and worse when daddy's playing Guitar Hero. I'm so tempted to hide that darn guitar!

Carol said...

Hey at least you got cherries, it could have been worse!

amanda said...

for the record - i think your list is very perfectly nutritional :)

happy pow!

Shannon said...

Gene Simmons is weird but I get a kick out of watching his show every time I see it. His kids totally crack me up!

McMommy said...

5lbs of cherries definitely cancels out the "un-nutritional" things...

Although I would love for Doritos to be declared a food group vital to our health.

heh heh

Happy pow!!

Bonnie said...

You write very well.