Monday, June 2, 2008

who is that?

Do you ever look at a photo of yourself and wonder who in the hell is that? It happens to me every time I see a photo of myself and this one in particular caught me off guard because I can't believe that I was so distracted in getting out of the house that I left with my hair so "HUGE" holy shit!

note to self.. start looking in the mirror before you leave the house

3 thoughts:

The Mom said...

LOL, totally me. That's why there are so few in existence. We are our worst critics, your hair looks fine! ;)

insane mama said...

haha Your hair is fine, but you do look like you may kill whoever is taking the picture

flemgobber said...

Hee, hee... me too. There are many times I can't believe I look the way I do. Suddenly, I avoid the camera and prefer to be on the other end!

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