Thursday, June 19, 2008

sleep study follow-up

I finally got an answer from the

sleep study
... I have sleep apnea and I'm thrilled

this is strange I know... but for me there is nothing better than going to the doctor with symptoms and getting a diagnosis that has a solution. That rarely happens any more. I get the I don't know... must be age.

So I may have to wear a mask when I sleep but I hear that it will change my life... I'm already married.

All I ever wanted was a good night sleep, and to be able to keep up with my boys! It is a great day...

Next month I'll go back in for a follow-up sleep study and I'll be sure to snap another one of those great pictures :)

3 thoughts:

The Mom said...

It is nice to know you have an answer, but will the mask be comfortable??


What a relief to know something that can be done. Anything for a good night's sleep!

Beth said...

Seriously, it looks like everyone has posted about not sleeping this week. Sorry, but hopefully you will finally get some sleep, right?