Thursday, June 5, 2008


I was the kid who was always bringing home the stray cat.

In the 6th grade I would sneak cat food out on to the patio each day and place it under the summer furniture cover we had on the patio. You see this is where I made a home for the new cat... later to be named Cosmo.

Then in the 7th or 8th grade a black and white kitten started to follow me to and from school and well naturally I fed him on the sly too. We named in Calpurnia (to kill a mockingbird was the reading in English at that time)

I have a super great mom!

I make it all the way to college before I pull this off again, and looking back as the mom, I am now was not so nice. I acquire a cat in college (going to school in RI) and keep it for the summer until I have to go back to the dorms where naturally I can't have a cat so I bring it home to my parents who live in Indiana at the time. I've named this one Indefatigable (Indy for short) and this one is the grand prize of stray cats... this one turns out not to be a boy, but a girl and gets knocked up the day she is supposed to go to get fixed - now there is Eenie, Meanie, Minee and Moe. If you are keeping track that is 7 cats I have burdened my mother with by the age of 19!

Last weekend guess what we stubble upon? that's right a kitten, not even 4 weeks old. Super hubby found it in the weeds and we bring it in and bottle feed it for two days. B wants to keep it in the worst way and C just keeps screaming kitty, meowee hold... Thankfully we find someone who is willing to hand feed this baby for the next 2 weeks and anxious for a new pet

... I didn't mention we already have 2 cats

Then on Tuesday we have the rain storm for Noah's Arc. I'm not sure how much it rained but it NEVER stopped. Around 6 pm we hear this meowing... high pitched never stop meow. And there hiding in the garden is kitten #2 and holy cow is this kitten cute! shit I'm in trouble now ~ B wants this one real bad, even supper hubby is hooked, but after screaming all morning long and the 2 other cats not being so keen on Minnow we have decided that we will enjoy his cuteness for the weekend, and then give him away -

Thankfully our super Nanny also has a knack for placing kittens!

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Carrie said...

I discovered your lurkiness via statcounter. How's that for an introduction! The first kitten is the one for me. I actually thought the orange-ish background was a backdrop coordinated with you blog template. But no, it is a human that you actually dress to match your template. How cool are you! Hey, hon ... could you put this shirt on? Thanks, I want to take a picture for my blog and I am hoping to lure some of the decorators over here. Thanks, sweetie ;)

Anonymous said...

I assume you are meaning super mom, super hubby and super nanny. The trouble with spell check is that it recognizes supper as in the meal as a word.