Tuesday, June 10, 2008

another reason not to eat tomatoes

I love to read USA today when I'm on the road. As a sales person I get all kinds of great talking points for my "small talk" - remember peanut butter?

So today in USA Today there was an article about how 150 people get illness linked to tomatoes... And for me that means another great reason not to eat tomatoes. I can't handle them ever since I got pregnant with B.

Some of my favorite passages from this article -

"home grown tomatoes are not associated with the breakout" - duh!

"it's (salmonellosis) not something that you'd want" - really? 2 days on the toilet sounds like a great time to me...

For those of you who LOVE tomatoes you can still eat the cherry ones and those still on the vine.

1 thoughts:

Kristen said...

I just went to the store today, and was like, "how come there is only one choice of tomatoes?"

Maybe if I wasn't too busy watching Caillou in the morning, I might have an idea of what the heck is going on in the world!

Or maybe I will just head over to your site, so you can help this in major need of information Mama! :)

So nice to meet you! :)