Monday, September 1, 2008

things to do before i die

In Random fashion I came across Jennifer @ the peterson's go public.. and this great post...

she had heard on the radio recently that Dave Freeman, 47, co-author of the book 100 Things To Do Before You Die-----died. He fell and hit his head and that was it. Apparently he was only half way through his list too......

As you might remember I'm not as boring as I thought...

how boring am I....

But there's still a lot more I would love to do before I'm too old...

My random find suggested an even 20 seemed do-able and I agree.... her you go...

20 THINGS I WANT TO DO BEFORE I DIE (in no particular order and not as earth shattering as I thought they would be... what is holding me back???):

  1. Attend an NFL game
  2. walk the great wall of china with "B"
  3. pay for someone I don't know to go to college
  4. visit Denmark with super hubby
  5. learn how to knit... I think I knew once... but can't remember
  6. learn to surf
  7. overcome my fear of heights
  8. drive cross country with my kids and visit everything along the way
  9. spend a week at a spa with my mom
  10. attend an Olympic event... as a spectator :)
  11. win a photography contest
  12. meet Sting
  13. speak another language fluently
  14. drive a tractor trailer
  15. run for public office... i'm thinking school board
  16. write a book
  17. see the pyramids
  18. spend the night in the ice hotel
  19. have a king size bed to sleep in every night
  20. live abroad for at least a year

    ***And I would LOVE to read your list! Let me know when you make it!***

I see Jenn @ Jenn's Pen did this too...

the more of these lists i see the more i think maybe i could do 100... i'm down with most of hers as well.... maybe 21. commit to my choices.

10 thoughts:

Ashley said...

LOVE your list! I want to do a lot of those same things too! I will have to make a list one of these days, but mine would HAVE to be 100 and I'd probably have a hard time narrowing it down to even that. I want to go EVERYWHERE and see EVERYTHING!

Jenni said...

It's fun to see what other people want to do. I'm liking several of yours too. Thanks for visiting.

Elaine A. said...

I may have to do this next week. #8 would be awesome to do. How much fun!

Kristen said...

I have seen that ice hotel on tv. I actually think that looks awesome as well.

And I have to tell you, get the KING bed. You will sleep so much better. :)

Great fun list!

Dawn said...

Hi my swap partner! I'm so excited!! I've never done this before and I think it's such a great idea!!

Adcock Circus said...

Great list - I drove (rode) cross country with my parents when I was a pre-teen. I will never forget those memories. My only advice - if you have pets leave them at home. Long story, but we should have left our dog at home. funny thing - it is still so vivid - 20 some years later!!

Veggie Mom said...

2 things I'd love to do, and both are travel-related.

1. Go to Cuba. Not only 'cause we're not allow to, but because it's always held a certain fascination for me.
2. Visit Key West. Actually, I've never been to any of the FLA Keys. I'd like to rent a car in Miami and drive south 'til I can't drive any farther!

anti-supermom said...

We live by the saying 'leave it all on the field'. I hope that we have no regrets or things missed out on.

Great list, not such a cheery subject though :)

Cant Hardly Wait said...

My list would be x-rated, "don't try this at home" and it would be full of completely impossible things.

I love yours, though. And I love your blog, I'll be back for more!

kwr221 said...

I think we're all reading the same news feeds or blogs or whatever (or as Lorrie from says, maybe we're all just on the same hormonal cycle)
Because Sarah from just blogged the same thing almost.

Here's my "Bucket List"
It's not complete, but here are a few:

1. Travel to Greece. For a long visit
2. Take a coast to coast road trip
3. Host an exchange student
4. Grow a vegetable garden
5. Run a 5k or a 10k
6. Sunbathe topless
7. Parasail
8. Drive and dock a 36 foot boat
9. Take a winemaking class
10. Make some jewelry - nice enough that I'd want to wear it.
11. Be a dog foster parent
12. Get a theology degree
13. Drive a motorcycle
14. Live long enough to see how my children grow up - and meet my grandchildren
15. Ride in a hot air balloon
16. Expand this list