Monday, October 6, 2008

ever wonder...

Three jobs I have had*
1. Waitress
2. car wash
3. cruise ship dish washer

*Three movies I would watch over and over * ... and have
1. American President
2. Love Actually
3. Cars ... only because C watches it every chance he gets

*Three places I have lived*
1. Romeo, MI
2. Brisol, RI
3. Noblesville, IN

*Three shows that I watch*
1. One tree Hill
2. Mythbusters
3. the jetsons

*Three places I have been*
1. Venice Italy
2. Lego Land
3. St Lucia

* My favorite foods*
1. Mexican
2. Pizza
3. Chocolate

*Three places I'd rather be right now*
1. Lego Land
2. My parents house
3. in bed

*Three things I am looking forward to this year*
1) end of my current sales forecast
2) fall colors
3) Christmas

6 thoughts:

Brooks said...

Cruise ship dishwasher? Wow. Did you live near the coast to get a job like that? I bet you had nice breaks and days off!

Kristen said...

Love the wonder list!!

We were married in St. Lucia! Isn't it beautiful!!

Wishing I was there again now..........

illahee said...

very interesting! cruise ship dishwasher? sounds cool... :)

thanks for visiting my blog today via BATW!

Amy Spreitzer Windsor said...

I'd rather be at your parent's house, too! ;^)

How in the world did you end up as a dishwasher on a cruise ship? And did it go anywhere fun? Was it like the Love Boat??!?!? :)

Thanks for sharing!

Ashley said...

I love learning random facts like these! So fun! I think Love Actually is a great movie too. And wow, cruise ship dishwasher must have been such a cool and crazy job! I've also been to Venice and St. Lucia as well! I haven't been to Legoland, although it's only about 15 minutes away from where I grew up. Funny, huh? :)

Rach (Mommy Learns to Blog) said...

Cruise ship dishwasher? Methinks this deserves its very own post.

And I went to St. Lucia on my honeymoon!